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Faraway Worlds

sometimes 'Prince Charming' is NOT who you expect

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Ariadne Elise
Faraway Worlds

This is the personal fic journal for both warrior-gypsy & ariadne-elise. We’ve know each other for more than 10 years, when we met in "The Greek World" that was the b-boards at SciFi.net. We like to blame Ares for that. :-)

A prolific writer since 1997, warrior-gypsy has focused on such fandoms as Moonlight, Dark Angel, Robin Hood BBC, Xena/Hercules (or as we call it, "The Greek World"), The 10th Kingdom & Labyrinth. Meanwhile, ariadne-elise's work has rarely been seen outside of her personal websites. Her fic offerings are for Xena/Hercules (Hades), the Star Wars prequels (Qui-Gon) and most recently, Moonlight. Thru this journal and a new website she hopes to return to writing more regularly.

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Warrior Gypsy


All "Fairytale Prince/Princess" artwork (header, mod icons, layout theme) is original
& was lovingly made for this community use only by warrior-gypsy. It is © to me.
I don't want to have to watermark & spoil it, so please don't take it & use it elsewhere!
If you'd like your own themed artwork, leave a comment at my request post & we'll talk.